Sunday, 27 May 2012

blogskin template code

(ha, jwb slm tuh jgn ta jwb)

oukey ,, kali nie saya akn ajar care nak copypaste code template !! 
ikot step-z di bwh ngan teliti tau ... slamat mencube

steps :~
sign your blog >> design >> edit html >> scroll down until u can see revert to classic template 

click here 2 find your template
if u find them, click on the image
then u can see like this ~

 scroll down >> click on the arrow shown below

 after that, click on the arrow shown below & copy that code

go 2 your blog back (template>edit html) >> delete all the code >> replace it with your new code that u have copy before 

(p/s: please edit your sidebar, header, post title background, colour, font, size, background etc.)
preview first. then save!!

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